Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mexican Sugar

"I come here for the mimosas and the queso."
-Mitzi Richardson

Mexican Sugar is a great place for friends to gather.  With a reservation, they can accommodate some large parties which is just what we did to celebrate Jenni's birthday this weekend.

Let's talk mimosas!  Order mimosas and you'll have your choice of watermelon, orange, and guava juices. and fruits. Guava is my absolute favorite.  A tray is delivered to your table with a bottle of prosecco and small glasses of your choice of juices.  You build your mimosa as you see fit and when you need one.  

While brunch was yummy, the queso and the mimosas are truly why we go keep going back to Mexican Sugar in The Shops at Legacy. The queso is three Mexican cheeses, toasted dried chiles, a dollop of guacamole, and a sprinkle of cilantro. The chips are the way I like them - light, crispy, and salty.  It's incredibly easily to go through a cup of queso in minutes.  You'll also get roasted salsa with your queso.  Truly . . . I love this queso!

For brunch, I ordered brisket chilaquiles.  The brisket was delicious, tender with a great flavor.  The egg was cooked perfectly, sunny-side up and served alongside an avocado. The tortilla strips (not chips) were cooked a bit too long for my taste.  They were a bit on the chewy side, so that did take away from my enjoyment of the dish.  I would have also preferred a higher meat to tortilla ratio, but can you blame a Texas girl who likes her brisket?

Brisket Chilaquiles
Chicken Chilaquiles
Mitzi enjoyed a trio of tacos: bacon, potato, and egg, carne asada, and brasas chicken. The bacon was chili spiced and did have a bit have a kick, but other than that, the taco was rather average.  The flavor of the carne asada was just right and cooked perfectly. It was had pickled radish, which was bit overpowering.  At that point, Mitzi was full and didn't eat the brasas chicken, so we can't comment.

The Mexican Chorizo Enchiladas were quite good.  Although the tortillas were a bit thick, the house ground spicy chorizo paired nicely with the manchego cheese for a yummy enchilada.  And what's brunch without a steak & eggs dish?  A mesquite grilled skirt steak topped with two fried eggs, garnished with pickled red onions, avocado, and queso fresco is a great combination.  Unfortunately, the eggs were a bit too runny for Katherine, although I think there is something fantastic about a steak and eggs sunny-side up.  The steak and eggs comes with tortillas and cilantro potato hash, which did get a thumbs up.

Our party was large, 16 people I think, so it does stand to reason that service may be a bit slow at times.  We did have to wait for a beverages on more than one occasion and the tickets were not correct when we got them, but overall service was decent.  We've been to Mexican Sugar before and I'm sure we'll be back.  I think next time I'll get their newest brunch dish, Cajeta French Toast, made with angel food cake!  Although the Vanilla Cinnamon Pancakes seem pretty heavenly as well.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Henry's Majestic

One of my favorite things to do on Sunday is go to brunch with my friends. Luckily, living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, there is never a lack of places to choose from for Sunday brunch.  January's outing found us at Henry's Majestic in Uptown.  Thanks to Eater Dallas for the recommendation.

The first piece of advice we have for you is you should make reservations. We arrived at 10:30 and waited 30 minutes for a table for 4.  When we left shortly after noon, the wait was at least an hour. Now you can sit at the bar and eat, but really, the point of brunch is to spend that time talking with your friends and that's harder to do at the bar.  Plus, it's not as easy to share.  It is definitely a cozy atmosphere and it does get rather loud, so if you don't mind that you're good to go.  I don't know that I would recommend it if you have a big party as conversation might be a challenge.  The service was really good.  Our waiter was attentive and the manager made sure to check on us as well.

We did enjoy a mimosa while we waited.  Henry's has a a Sparkling Bar where you get to create your own mimosa.  Choose from champagne, prosecco, or sparkling rose to start with, and then add your fruit juice or puree and fresh fruit.  I recommend the strawberry puree with prosecco.

Let's start with our appetizers.  The shrimp & grits was delicious!  Served in a cast iron skillet, the grits were super cheesy with a little kick of Henry's hot sauce and topped with bleu cheese & chives. Some restaurants tend to be frugal with their shrimp.  Not Henry's . . . the grits were topped with five large shrimp, cooked perfectly with such flavor.  It would be a great entree.  Now let's talk that Avocado Toast.  Yes, you read that correctly . . . Avocado Toast!  Slices of avocado drizzled with olive oil and sea salt on toast.  And you'll want to spring for the bacon as well.  So stinkin' good!  I wish I could find avocados that good at my grocery store.

We all ordered something different for our entree.  Carol got Henry's Marrow Spiked Burger which was  Akaushi beef on a Brioche bun, complete with egg, bacon, caramelized onion, and sharp cheddar. My mouth was watering just looking at that burger.  No fries, but house made chips rounded out the meal.  The juicy patty was about an inch thick, matching perfectly with the Brioche bun.Carol's advice?  Be hungry if you're ordering this burger.

Mitzi got the biscuits and gravy.  Two large, flaky buttermilk biscuits covered in sausage gravy.  And you know, sometimes you worry about the gravy to biscuit ratio.  You don't want the biscuits drenched in gravy, but you also don't want a sparse serving.  Henry's got it right - perfect proportions. By the way, that's maple blueberry links you see topping the biscuits and gravy.  Recommendation?  Order a side of fried eggs.

Anita ordered the Porchetta Egg Sandwich, based on the waiter's recommendation.  In addition to the porchetta and fried egg, sunny side up, the sandwich had arugula, gruyere, and a sriracha aioli.  If you're not sure what porchetta is, it's a savory, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast.  So the sandwich definitely had the pork component, but Anita felt it was missing something.  Maybe the crunch of bacon? Thankfully it was served on a Brioche roll; a fried egg sandwich needs substantial support.  The downside to this creation is how do you eat it?  It's messy and when you cut it up, and eat it with a fork, you may miss some of the amazing flavors.  And it is a definitely a sandwich where you need all of those wonderful flavors to come together.

What did I order?  One of my faves . . . Chicken & Waffles!  Yep, a buttermilk waffle topped with fried chicken, covered in syrup and poblano gravy.  The chicken was more like chicken fried chicken, not like a drumstick or chicken breast, which of course made it much easier to eat.  While it probably wasn't my favorite chicken & waffles ever, it was delicious.  And the nice thing about the way Henry's does it is that it's not overwhelming, meaning I could actually eat the entire thing.  

Recently Henry's Majestic was listed as one of the best brunch places in Dallas by the Eater Dallas. While we haven't visited all of the fantastic brunch spots in DFW, I would say we've been to quite a few and Henry's has definitely figured out brunch.  The food is good, service is great, and I love the idea of creating my own mimosa.